Create a Registration Type

1. Dashboard → Locations

Create a Registration Type

To maintain the Allowlist or Denylist, start by clicking on ‘Locations’ in the left-hand menu.

2. Select Location

Select Location

Select the correct location from the location list. Do this by clicking on the location name.

3. Select Tenant

Select Tenant

Select the correct tenant from the tenant list. Choose Do this by clicking on the name of the tenant.

4. Click ‘Create New Registration Type’

Create New Registration Type, Parking rules

Click on the button that says ‘Create New Registration Type’. It is mid-page below the list of active Registration Types.

5. Enter Description

Parking Rules

Enter the descriptive details of the Registration Type you wish to create:

  • Description: this is the ‘title’ of your Registration Type and will appear when creating registrations
  • Add additional details in the ‘Detailed Description’ box (optional)
  • Choose the category for the Registration Type: Standard, Code Based, Recurring, or Paid
  • Click on the ‘Enabled’ toggle so it is green. This activates the Registration Type you are creating

6. Registration Duration

Parking Duration

Select the duration associated with the Registration Type you are creating. Choose between Fixed, Variable, or Set Time.

7. Add Details

Additional Parking Details

You can choose to include additional details within the Registration Type. These include:

  • Date Period: a period between two dates where the registration type is active for.
  • Restricted Parking Period Start Time: only allow registrations to occur during the specific time frame.
  • Allowed Days of Week: restrict based on days of the week.
  • Maximum Number of Active Registrations: set a limit on the maximum number of vehicles that can be parked at a given time.

8. Click ‘Submit’

New registration type

When you are satisfied with the details entered above, click the ‘Submit’ button on the bottom of the page.

9. View Summary

Registration type summary

After clicking submit, you will be redirected to the page that summarizes the Registration Type you just created. From here you can:

  • Enter plate frequencies
  • Create additional fields
  • Add a rate

For more help, please contact:

[email protected] // (306) 535-8315