Add Parking Frequency Restrictions

1. Dashboard → Locations

Edit Parking Frequency Restrictions

Start by clicking on ‘Locations’ in the left-hand menu.

2. Select Location

Select Location

Select the correct location from the location list. Do this by clicking on the location name.

3. Select Tenant

Select Tenant

Select the correct tenant from the tenant list. Choose Do this by clicking on the name of the tenant.

4. Select Registration Type

Registration Type

Click on the Registration Type that you would like to edit.

5. Click ‘Add’

Add a Frequency Restrictions

Click on the green ‘Add’ button below the description of the Plate Frequency settings.

6. Enter Parking Frequency Rules and Submit

Parking Frequency Restrictions

Enter the desired parking frequency rules:

  • Describe/title the rule
  • Type the number of registrations that can occur
  • Choose the frequency type: daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Enter the applicable time period

Click the green ‘Submit’ button.

For more help, please contact:

[email protected] // (306) 535-8315