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Create Registration Settings

1. Click on ‘Registration Settings’ in the side-bar 2. Click ‘Add Registration Settings’ and select the location you’d like to create a new setting for 3. Type the name and description 4. Apply desired rules 5. Click ‘Save’ Pro Tip: Assign to one or multiple tenants after saving by moving from ‘General’ to ‘Tenants’ and […]

Create Permits

1. Click on ‘Locations’ in the side-bar 2. Select the location you’d like to create a new permit for 3. Click ‘Permits‘ 4. Click ‘Create Permits’ 5. Fill out the form and click ‘Save’ To open the video in fullscreen, click on the “Open in New Tab” icon For more help, please contact: [email protected] // […]

Navigating the Dashboard

1. Dashboard When you login you will automatically be directed to the ‘Dashboard’ This page features Quick Links to create registrations, view active vehicles, and access help & support 2. Sidebar The sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen acts as a navigation for the entire site. Click on the text to navigate to […]

Create a Report

1. Click on ‘Reports’ in the side-bar 2. Choose either a daily summary or a custom date range 3. Select the location and tenant by clicking on the check box 4. Choose the day or range of days 5. Customize report details by selecting or deselecting report columns options 6. Click the green ‘Download‘ button […]

Voiding Registrations

1. Click on ‘Registration Lookup’ in the side-bar 2. Select whether you want to search by license plate, confirmation number, or additional information 3. Enter the value you are searching for 4. Click on the registration you are trying to void 5. Click ‘Void Registration‘ in the top right corner To open the video in […]